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We have done our pop culture project on “Teen Mom”. This show depicts how mothers raise and care for their children at such a young age. It also shows how teens continue to live their life, through everything that even 25-30 year olds can barely deal with. In addition to teenage pregnancy and the life afterwards, this television series depicts the changing relationships, specifically those of the “teen parents”, their families and their close friends. The medium of this television show is the challenges of teen mothers, and how they cope with all their problems. Being a mother and father at such a young age, most problems affect the newly born child. And most times it ends up that the father leaves. This show in our opinion is put on t.v to show how actually hard it is to raise a child and slow down or stop the growing rate of teen pregnancy. The theme to our project is teen mothers. The theme can be related to any mother and some of the difficulties but, is closely following “teens” and their lives. They decided to show this on national television because it is a reality show and makes people open their eyes to such serious and excruciating problems in today’s society. It is not fair to see these teenagers go through problems that older and more mature adults will go through. This is a big decision and should not be made so rashly. There is a lot to think about even if right at that moment it came as a surprise. People often plan out a pregnancy not just get notified by a doctor that they are pregnant. Also many teens are not shown all the options to pregnancy and really should be. This is our project on “Teen Mom” and how it has evolved into today’s society that more and more teens are getting pregnant at such young ages. Not only has this made us realize but we hope it makes others realize that having unprotected sex at such a young age is a serious

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