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Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant: Helpful or harmful? Teen pregnancy has always been a serious issue among youth in the United States, but now more than ever the issue of teen pregnancy is being talked about and addressed, for example, MTV’s hit shows 16 and pregnant and Teen Mom (a spin-off of the show 16 and pregnant) shows the lives of four young women who are dealing with the pressures of being teenage mothers, and along with the struggles of everyday life like, going to school, maintaining a social life, and a love life. The shows Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant are popular amongst young viewers because it shows the drama and difficulties of being a teen parent, but in reality the shows have had more negative effects on young viewers, and it also glamorizes teen pregnancy as well. Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant do a great job of showing a glimpse of the challenges teen parents have to face when having children at an early age. The successful television series lets viewers in on the day too day life’s of these young parents and how having children has affected them. The series shows little things like having to wake up at five am to feed the baby from big issues in their lives like custody agreements. And though the shows Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant have good intentions of trying to prevent teenage pregnancy by showing the difficulties of what kind of struggles the young mothers have to go through; it actually may have harmed the cause rather than help it. Instead of taking this heavy issue seriously. Teenagers are now taking it lightly because the teen parents make it look so easy. Even though MTV’s main goal is to try and prevent teenage pregnancy it actually is having the opposite effect on young girls. Some girls are getting pregnant on purpose in hopes of achieving fame by landing a spot on 16 and pregnant/Teen Mom. According to an article on realitytea.com,

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