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Every Tuesday at ten you will find millions of viewers tune in to watch the TV show Teen Mom. The four girls on the show volunteered to put their whole life on television and have the nation watch them struggle to survive as a teen with a child by their side. Teen Mom has created a large controversy between whether the show aids viewers or harms them. Even though some believe that Teen Mom creates teens to become pregnant, that is not the case. Everyone should watch Teen Mom because it promotes awareness of teen pregnancy, shows real life situations, and responsibilities of raising a child. The lack of awareness the nations teens had before Teen Mom aired on MTV was very low. According to CNN, after the show aired in 2009 the teen pregnancy rate dropped to 410,000. That number may seem big; however it’s actually a 37 percent decrease since 1991. A public opinion poll found 82 percent of teens who watch Teen Mom or a show like Teen Mom said the show helped them better understand the challenges of pregnancy and teen parenthood. Before the show many teens were hiding in the dark from teen pregnancy. Most girls wanted a baby to carry around because they thought babies were cute and acted as an accessory. When Teen Mom aired, it showed the pain of giving birth to the child and the lack of financial help they are given when they have a child at such a young age. Everyone realizes now how teen pregnancy isn’t all fun and games and really hurts a person. Teen Mom created a bunch of different scenarios that helped many girls around the nation realize that it is real life situation and nothing about it is scripted. The girls on Teen Mom offered to be followed around with cameras before, during and even after their pregnancy to show the realness of being an actual teen mom. For one girl, Catelynn, giving up her baby for adoption was the best option. Catelynn is the

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