Teen Driving Essay

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Teenagers are on the edge of a cliff when it comes to driving privileges. It is unjust that teens are slowly being striped of their right to have a privilege to drive. I believe teens should be able to drive for many reasons and I believe that those who think otherwise are incorrect. In the following excerpt the reason teens are being burglarized of their right to have the privilege to drive. When reports are given about teen drivers most are bias statements. The prior statement reveals that assumptions incriminating teens could be counter factual. These accusations portray teenage souls to seem immature and irresponsible, in other words, unfit to drive. According to Fatality Analysis system records show that between teen and adult drivers half the crashes were caused by divers over the age of 21. This acknowledgement shows that instead of instantly blaming the teens the thought that the adult was the cause should be analyzed. Additionally, the fact that there is always something society must blame for its problems is leaked. In this instant, society is accusing teens for reckless driving when really it’s the older members of society. When society rids the world of teenage drivers then they will pin these same accusations on the next youngest age group. It is widely believed that teenage citizens should not drive. They say teens are not mature enough to drive. This, obviously, is entirely dependant on the person, for every person is unique. A concurrence could also be forged allowing females to drive at the age of 16 and males at the age of 18. This makes sense, to a point, because on average the female brain matures faster than the male but not always. Also, 77 percent of fatal crashes in the US are caused by males. There is still a 33 percent left though, proving, according to the previous theory, that there are cases where a male brain matures before a

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