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Teen Drinking Essay

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  • on August 15, 2012
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T.R. Reid argued in his article “Let my Teenager Drink” that the United States should lower the drinking age in order to show them how to drink responsibly.   In “Don’t Make Teen Drinking Easier” Joseph Califano writes against this article giving sufficient reasons as to why lowering the drinking age can be dangerous. Califano discusses research that proves that American fifteen year olds were less likely than those of other nations with a lower drinking age to actually be intoxicated two or more times. He also mentions how teen drinking is one of the leading causes to deaths and can also cause damages on growth and health for them. He then explains all the in-reversible damages it causes,  then he draws our attenttion my noting that The consumption of alcohol in adolescents has a different effect on them then it does for a grown man or woman, and dwells on how women  have a lower tollerance than men, which leads to a lot of disavatages including sex at an early age. 

 “Don’t Make Teen Drinking Easier” is the opposite of Reid’s and he backs it up with statistics and references. Joseph Califano is a very credible author, being the founder and president of the National Center on Addiction and Substances Abuse at Columbia University. Califano proves Reid’s idea to be absurd by baking it up with facts proving that English and Europeans have fewer drinking problem that we do in the states. First he talks about the drinking rates in Europe and the United States and then says, “British 15 and 16-year olds were more than twice as likely as Americans to binge drink (50 percent vs. 24 percent) and to have been intoxicated within the past 30 days (48 percent vs. 21 percent).” Another statistic he uses is, “The World Health Organization found that American 15-year olds were less likely than those in 18 other nations to have been intoxicated twice or more. British girls and boys were far likelier that their U.S. counterparts...

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