Teen Drinking Essay

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April 21, 2011 Lower Drinking Age To 18 When you turn 18 that means you’re an adult but then why aren’t you able to drink alcohol until you’re 21? (Attention Getter) Growing up in our generation, teen drinking has become an increasingly large problem. It is the cause of many stories we hear on the news, and the information and risks of teen drinking are now taught many classrooms across the U.S. (Credibility Statement) According to adults over 21, teens are not responsible with drinking. (Relevance Statement) I’m informing you on this topic to know that some teenagers aren’t responsible drinkers and dropping the drinking age to 18 won’t help the irresponsible teen drinkers become anymore responsible. (Thesis) Transition: Drinking law is 21 but yet, those under 21 still find access alcohol. I. Problem: The law states the legal age for drinking is 21 and believe it or not, it hasn’t kept minors from possessing alcohol. A. Significance/ Severity of Problem: Underage college students and even high school teen get a hold and/or consume alcohol. 1. Detailed Explanation: People old enough to buy alcohol buy for those who aren’t 21, therefore the law’s restriction of alcohol to people 21 and over isn’t working. a. Opinion with SMELF: There are many reasons why people buy alcohol for minors but it’s not safe or legal for either of them. b. Opinion with Ethos/Pathos/Logos: In the states that have already lowered the drinking age to 18 have experienced a large increase in alcohol related car-crashes from ages 18-20. 2. Detailed Explanation: Even though teens are expected to be responsible when they’re 18 and become legal adults, they still aren’t responsible with drinking. Most are still in school, and the responsibility of drinking would affect many factors in education. B.

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