Teen Body Image

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Since the start of World War II, the popular media has portrayed a thinner and thinner body image as the ideal body type for men and women. Women and young girls have become more self-conscious about imperfections and how their bodies are to be perceived by society, leading to major issues such as eating disorders, low self-esteem, and decreased confidence. Teens should not be influenced by people’s opinions towards their body image. Some might argue that young teens are being influenced by television and advertising and that may allow them to strive to make themselves look a certain way. Seeing as many teens in the world today are worried about how they dress, what they look like, and how they may eat, this would compel the youth to become more healthy and be thinner by eating less and exercising more. Teenagers would obsess over perceived and increased shortcomings or imperfections to make them feel like they fit in. Lack of self-esteem would contribute to teens searching for an identity. Teens as a whole are rapidly growing and changing in different ways, whether it is concerning their bodies or a mental state of mind. With all of this development in the world, everyone is concerned with how his or her body are changing and needing new things. Throughout all of the teenagers in the world, girls are the most perceptive of how people examine them. However, each person has their own individual perfect body, we are all unique in one-way or another. If no one bothered to care about his or her body image then the frequency of eating disorders would be reduced to almost none. Ideally, everyone should feel comfortable with their appearance and the person that they are becoming. As long as we are healthy in our own eyes that is all that matters. Confident teens are less likely to engage in behaviors, which may lead to eating disorders. Young women and

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