Teeage Obesity Essay

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Teenage obesity I found that teenage obesity in fact has had a major impact on communities in various countries such as America. According to a recent national survey, 50% of the American population is classed as clinically obese. The government have now classed this as a national security risk; as they are not fit for war. The problem is also happening with many pacific island populations such as; Samoa, Rarotonga, and Kiribati, who are now showing that 50% of children are overweight. Similar statistics are compared with the Australian population, whom now have 30% of teenagers classed as obese. Many other countries are now claming that up to one third of their teenage population has a problem with obesity. This in the long run will cost the country millions in medical and hospital funding. But it is not just an impact on national security and economies; but also the teenager themselves. Being a teenager that is obese can affect your emotions, and as I stated earlier in the report, this problem can lead to stress and depression. This information supports the idea that teenage obesity has definitely had a huge affect on the community. I conclude that from statistics and facts shown in this report, teenage obesity has negatively affected national security, economies, and communities and young obese teenagers around the world. In answer to my third question I found that like many problems that are affecting the world, you can see that overweight people are suffering through heart disease, clogged arteries and veins as well as other related obesity problems such as diabetes and limited blood flow among teenagers. This was illustrated in America’s 2006 national survey/census. In countries like America, Australia and New Zealand, there are obviously communities who are concerned, but very little has been done. For instance schools have been debating about

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