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Anyssa Ybarbo 6th period Project Teddy Daniels’ Psychological Profile In the 2010 film of Shutter Island, Teddy Daniels plays a US Marshal along with his partner, Chuck. They visit a mental institution for the criminally insane, which is on a man-made island off the coast of Boston, hence the name Shutter Island. They are sent there to investigate the disappearance of a mental patient named Rachel Solando. It is explained to Teddy and Chuck by Dr. Cawley, the head psychiatrist of the institution, that the missing patient Rachel was admitted to the hospital after drowning her three kids and that she has created a fantasy land where she believes she is still at home with her three kids. While interviewing the staff, the marshals learn that Dr. Sheehan, Rachel's primary psychiatrist, is on vacation. Throughout the film Teddy requests to see the patient's background files but these requests are persistently refused. This arouses Teddy's suspicion that something secretive is going on. Throughout the film, Teddy displays constant dreams and delusions about his wife who had died in a fire two years ago. In these dreams, Teddy's wife informs him that Rachel is still on the island as well as Andrew Laeddis, the man who started the fire which had killed Teddy's wife. Teddy's investigations lead him to believe that the institution is performing human experiments, particularly after he finds Rachel Solando in a cave and speaks with her. This makes him take a journey to a lighthouse where he believes psychosurgery experiments are taking place. Teddy finds Dr. Cawley is waiting for him. The Doctor then explains to Teddy that he is actually Andrew Laeddis. He describes to Teddy that he murdered his wife who had been suffering with bipolar disorder after she drowned their three kids. Dr. Cawley then attempts to explain to Teddy (Andrew), that he had created a fantasy life in

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