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Ted Cruz Rafael Edward Cruz, aka “Ted” Cruz was selected as the 34th U.S. Senator from Texas, serving with John Cornyn. Ted Cruz was born on December 22, 1970 in Calgary, Canada. He is the first Cuban- American or Latino to hold the office of U.S. senator. He graduated from Princeton and went Harvard for Law School. Before U.S. Senator he served as Solicitor General of Texas. In the short amount of time he has been in office he has been exceptionally diligent in the goals he is pushing for and uses his power as U.S. Senator to help get them done. Senator Ted Cruz serves on a numerous amount of committees. One of the committees he serves on is Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. He also serves on the Subcommittee on Science…show more content…
Senator. His first legislation he supported was S.177: ObamaCare Repeal Act. The legislation S.1292: Defund ObamaCare Act of 2013 was also introduced soon after the first (“Senator Cruz’s Legislation.”). Senator Ted Cruz is a firm disbeliever of ObamaCare and is doing everything in his power to rescind it Another legislation he sponsors is S.505: A bill to prohibit the use of drones to kill citizens of the United States within the United States. The legislation S. 729: Disarm Criminals and protect Communities Act and S.730: Firearm Straw Purchasing and trafficking Prevention Act were both introduced on the same day 4/15/2013 (“Senator Cruz’s Legislation.”). Senator Cruz is a very precautionary person when it comes to gun safety. As senator he has supported both legislations and definite advocate of more secure gun laws and safety regulations. Ted Cruz also supported legislation S.2066: A bill to amend title 18 (“Senator Cruz’s Legislation.”). The United States Code title 18 prohibits the intentional discrimination of a person or organization by an employee of the Internal Revenue Service. Senator Ted Cruz wants to ensure equality and eliminate discrimination to people in the work force. That may be because of his ethnicity and he want people to get an equal opportunity no matter their race or

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