Ted Bundy Case Study

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Case Study Ted Bundy Cameron Rosenhoover Mrs. Chivers Forensics, Period 8 February 25, 2013 Ever heard of a monster or psychopath? Well here is an example of one. Ted Bundy, a well-accomplished man from University of Washington who could have had an accomplishing career in politics, went on instead to murder and rape, what many believe, a hundred women starting in 1974 and continuing for another 10 years across the United States. He killed the women out of his need to show that he is superior to women and that they can’t hurt him. (TruTv) Whenever Ted committed his crime the crime scene was very typical. They would find a body, usually badly decomposed from exposure to the elements. The body would always be a woman’s body that was in its late teens, white, skinny all in all good looking. The girl’s head would have multiple impact wounds from what scientists believe to be a crowbar. The body will then be checked by a medical examiner and to determine what killed the girl. The girls had usually been knocked out and severely injured by the crowbar. He would then rape the girls while they are unconscious and then strangle the girls to death or he would strangle them to death and then rape the bodies. Many of the victim’s bodies were found out in the woods after weeks of decomposition. (AP Psychology) Ted murdered many women using either tool of his hands. He would usually bludgeon a woman to death and most of the time it would be a crowbar that caused the bludgeoning. Sometimes he would strangle the woman until she suffocated but the majority of the women killed had major head injuries that were identified to have come from a crowbar. Mellisa Smith was a 17 year old in Utah in 1974 when she went missing. Nine days later they found her body, she had been strangled and raped. Another death only a couple of weeks after Mellisa were Laura Aime, whose

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