Ted Bundy Essay

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Porn and Predators: A Study of Ted Bundy By: Kayla Geeker Ted Bundy was a serial killer this is an academic certainty. However, his motivations are less than clear even today. Mr. Bundy used his final hours to further a self-serving agenda to prolong his own life. In the waiting moments of his life, Ted Bundy became the poster child of the anti porn movement. The purpose of this paper is too determined from a common person’s perception if there was a real link between porn and his heinous murders. I’ve come to learn that Mr. Bundy was a non-apologetic multiple murderer, largely targeting victims fitting a certain profile. A shameless self promoter, Mr. Bundy was able to ingratiate himself with influential circles and avoid suspicion. Even the judge that sentenced Mr. Bundy to death in Florida remarked that he would have been a competent lawyer and would have enjoyed hearing his cases. I will continue to conduct my research on Mr. Bundy both through the internet, and through visiting local libraries. Additionally I will explore different options to include contacting noted mental health professionals, and perhaps an author of one of the quoted texts. Writing from the feminist perspective will portray Mr. Bundy as the animal he truly was and not the charming man that he portrayed himself to be. It will provide dept to the victims beyond just a body count. However, my finding with regard to pornography may run against those accepted as fact in the feminist movement. To supplement the above perspective I have chosen cultural perspective. This prospective will allow the exploration of societal values and moral interpretations. This will allow me to balance the critical analysis of a mad man weighted with social structures and restrictions. This concludes my preliminary findings in the Ted Bundy saga. I hope that in the conclusion of the project I can
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