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Tecumseh Biography Tecumseh was a Native American leader of the Shawnee. Tecumseh worked to unite other Indian tribes to against white expansion into the west in the early 1800s, and he was also became a hero figure in American Indian and Canadian history. Tecumseh was born in March, 1768 on the Scioto River, near Chillicothe, Ohio. He was the second son of Pucksinwah, the Shawnee warrior who was killed in the Battle of Point Pleasant. With the last aspiration of his father, he was trained to be a warrior and never made peace with the whites. His mother was Methotaske (in Shawnee, Methoataaskee, meaning "[One who] Lays Eggs in the Sand" or "A turtle laying eggs in the sand", also known as Methoataske, Meetheetashe, Methotase and Methoatase.) Tecumseh, in Shawnee language, means “Shooting Star”. He became a warrior like his father and because of his father’s death by white frontiersmen who had attacked to the Indian land. After the American Revolutionary War, he joined a band of Shawnee to stop the invasion of white settlers’ flatboats that crossed down the Ohio River from Pennsylvania. “Tecumseh grew up to be a distinguished warrior in the Shawnee tribe.”(tecumsehbio.htm.) As Tecumseh early life, his family had to move about third time because of the attack by colonials and later American armies, as the Shawnee had allied with the British during the American Revolutionary War. His family finally settled near modern Bellefontaine, Ohio. When His tribe was pushed farther west by white settlers, Tecumseh became angry and took many raids to against whites on the frontier. With the idea of an Indian Confederation, he proposed that all the tribes should stick together and refused to sell land to whites unless all the tribes agreed. The large tribal confederation had known as the Wabash Confederacy that tried to repel the American settlers from their region.

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