Tectonic Earthquakes

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Geology 112 Earthquake or volcano essay and oral report directions Due date: February 25th (M/W) or 26th(T/TH) This purpose of this project is to understand the location, tectonic setting, explanation as to why event occurred, associated hazards in terms of cause, hazard definition, location hazard is expected to travel, damage in terms of structures or other property, fatalities and any mitigation methods in place or later addressed. The oral report will be presented by a team of 2-3 people. The individually written essay should cover the required information listed below. Essay directions: The 4-5 page essay should be double-spaced with one inch margins on all sides and fully cited using a standard referencing technique.…show more content…
General economic standing: 4. Has the tectonic setting (which also influences the geography or landforms) influenced population concentrations? 5. General description of the earthquake or volcano in terms of tectonic setting, frequency or historic activity, why event occurred (volcano and subduction zone generally produce viscous lava and violent eruptions) or (earthquake and subduction zone are capable of producing large volume of crustal movement =large magnitude earthquakes and tsunami). a. Volcano: include the type of lava, where magma is derived, and why this setting produces hazards b. Earthquake: magnitude and amount of displacement or offset 6. Describe the type of hazards in terms of cause, hazard definition, and location (example-tsunami inundation occurred within 1 mile of coastline in low lying areas). 7. Fatalities 8. Damage: 2-3 specific examples of structural damage (earthquakes); areas covered with volcanic debris (volcanic eruption); any other types of damage 9. Were there any mitigation methods in place (building codes or warning systems)? 10. How did the government respond to the event? International aid? 11. Recovery: added mitigation methods; return to pre-event
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