Tecnhnological Advancements Influencing Food Habits In Australia Essay

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Analyse how technological developments throughout history have influenced the cuisine/eating habits in Australia today. Use specific examples to support your response. Throughout history we can see major advances in technology which have changed, developed and influenced the eating habits and cuisines found in Australia today. Australia is a multicultural society, with its population made up of a wide variety of cultures and groups from all over the world. With these many different cultures, come different food cultures which have influenced the eating habits of Australians today. However these food cultures were not always available to the society due to many factors including the dominance of the Anglo-Australian diet, the unavailability of traditional ingredients, and a lack of technology that would be able to preserve, prepare, and produce these particular meals. In Australia the early years of settlement were characterized by a failure to establish successful farms and achieve a self dependence in food production. When the European settlers arrived in Australia in 1788, they were unaware of the abundant and nutritious supply of food surrounding them and therefore relied on imported supplies brought by the First Fleet. As a result of this the eating habits of Australians at this time were restricted to beef or pork (salted to make them last the journey), biscuits made from wheat flour, butter, rum and gin. It was obvious that this was not a sustainable way of food produce and changes were sought. After about 3 years (1791) of unsuccessful attempts to establish crops, due to the climate, soil and seasonal cycle, crops were finally set up and some animals were cultivated such as sheep. This influenced the eating habits of Australians including the nations increased consumption of meat. Meat in large amounts was eaten at every meal: beefsteaks or

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