Techonoloy & Computer Engineering - Careers and Impact

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Computer engineering is the discipline involving both Computer Science and electrical engineering. It is often mistaken that Computer Engineering deals with the hardware and software aspects of personal computers. However, the field is very diverse; it consists of a variety of topics, including circuits and signals, digital logic, electronics, embedded systems, operating systems, programming, and networking. Although we take them for granted, computers in the form of embedded systems, personal computers and other devices have affected us enormously. They present to us many career opportunities and paths. But this is not to say that they do not affect us negatively. Many ethical issues are presented to us when it comes to technology. Without doubt, the advent of computer technology has completely changed our lives. There is not a day where we do not encounter the usage of technology in our day to day lives. We are so integrated with the use of technology, in fact, that we take it for granted. We use it not just to make our lives easier, but also for work, communication, transportation, education, and entertainment. Technology is found from the simplest and most obvious places that are often overlooked. Take light for instance; for the past few centuries, we have replaced the use of candles, a natural light source, by using light bulbs, and we certainly took that for granted as well. We use cars, buses, subways and trains to get to work and other places. We even depend on technology to survive; we depend on defibrillators and other technology for surgeries and other medical procedures. Technology has taken us so far, in fact, that we can now remotely perform a surgical operation from elsewhere. As initially intended when they were first developed, computers have allowed us to make advancements in doing complex calculations. We are now able to calculate π to

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