Technoscience Essay

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When it comes to the topic climate change, many people are involved in the research to come and that has come because it has been predicted that so many people will be affected by the outcome. This is one of the more popular environmental issues amongst the world seeing that not only is it studied by individual scientists, but by laboratories, universities, organizations, which some can account on a local, state, regional, national and international level. One of the most influential organizations and leading international body that is involved in climate change is the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change also known as the IPCC. The IPCC is an organization full of scientific people who voluntary work to assess the state of climate and its future outcomes. According to their procedural principles, “all major decisions about the organization and its work are taken by the panel during the Plenary Sessions (“Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change”). These sessions are held once a year. Since the organization nearly has 200 different countries involved within the IPCC, the funding for the organization comes from voluntary donations amongst involving governments. Also some other huge financial support comes from other organization such as Within this organization they came to a preliminary Since climate change in the past has been known and hypothesized for future occurrences can affect the health of the human race, it has been an enormous environmental issues that has been brought up by many organization as well as a huge issue brought up in electoral running candidates. Since climates change affects has been forecast to be so detrimental on the human existence, many scientists has not only been view and hypothesizing about the future to come but are formulating multiple opinions on how the issue should be handled in relations to preventive methods as well

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