Technology's Role As A Change Agent Essay

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Running head: TECHNOLOGY’S ROLE AS A CHANGE AGENT Technology’s Role as a Change Agent Sara Dobbs Gwin November 1, 2010 EDD520/Critical Issues in Education Dr. Ronald Davis TECHNOLOGY’S ROLE AS A CHANGE AGENT For today’s educators, it is not a question of if technology is going to be used in their classrooms. Rather, the issue is how quickly and how much will teachers become technologically savvy and recognize the need to incorporate computer skills into every-day learning and curriculum for maximum learning by their students. This paper will explore why technology is so vital in today’s classrooms, the areas of education it serves as an agent for change, and how technology can be used to improve learning in the college setting. The Emergence of Technology Society Though technology touches and affects every part of our lives, our communities, and our homes, the educational realm has not keep it with this drastic speed of change. Most schools lag far behind when it comes to integrating technology into classroom learning. There is no disagreement that the world has moved from an agricultural society to an industrial society and then to a service society. Many believe we passed through an information society and now deeply entrenched in a complex, technology society, n.d.). Many educators are just beginning to explore the true potential technology offers for teaching and learning. Properly utilized, technology will help students acquire the skills they need to survive in a complex, highly technological knowledge-based economy. Transforming Schooling and Education The preparation of children and youth for success in the twenty-first century is a challenging and daunting task. Schooling, learning in formal contexts, is not equivalent to education, which provides learning in a
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