Technology’s Epic Story Essay

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The technology’s Epic story is a talk where Kevin Kelly, whose life story reads like a treatise on the value of technology, explains what technology means in our lives from its impact at the personal level. He claims that widespread modern english-language use of the term "technology" in the sense that it's now understood didn't begin until relatively recently. It’s a video to contemplate the meaning of cultural change and to appreciate technology even more. Kelly begins by discussing when technology became more well-known in people’s thinking. He says he made some investigations, he started by searching what was the meaning of the term “technology” and he found out that the first time the word was used in a State of the Union address was in 1952, which is surprising because it has existed for a really long time but we weren't aware of it. Kelly found that the first use of the word, in 1829, was actually to describe a curriculum that brought together arts, crafts, and industry. We normally have the idea that technology is all the new stuff even when we know that it's just not new and it actually goes an extended way back. Kelly exposes that a way to think about the mean of technology is to imagine a world without it. If it did not exist, we would have a very short life because we would be defenseless, we would be unable to grow enough food or find it, besides the fact that there would be a high lack of knowledge. We as humans with just a small amount of technology became the dominant species on the planet but we’ve been affecting the planet on a global scale. Technology has become the most powerful force in the world, to the point that it’s become who we are. Technium is a term to define: us humans as our technology, everything that we've made and the gadgets in our lives. Kelly says his definition of technology is anything useful that a human mind makes. It’s

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