Technology: Yesterdays Luxury, TodayS Necessity.

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Technology and science has given us some very useful tools to help improve our quality of life, but what if we were given something that instead of actually helping society it is hurting it? Some technologies are necessary to live an everyday life, but there are some that may seem like a great new discovery, but actually hurt us by showing man kind that we are moving too fast for our own good. The new robotic technology in medicine seems to be improving the quality of life, but in the end is actually hurting us. Technology is shaping society, for example, gastric bypass surgery. This is a great technology; it’s a quick fix if you are obese, and it allows our society to go out and be lazy till the point they are obese, head into the doctor’s office to grab a quick surgery, and next thing you know your back sitting on your couch watching TV eating a potato chip a day until you become thin again. Granted, in some cases patients really do need the surgery, not because of laziness, but because of an actual disease. Gastric bypass is a surgery that uses laparoscopy technology. “Laparoscopy is easier on the patient because it uses a few very small incisions. For example, traditional "open surgery" on the abdomen usually requires a four- to five-inch incision through layers of skin and muscle. In laparoscopic surgery, the doctor usually makes two to three incisions that are about a half-inch long.” (What are the advantages of Laparoscopy). In the end laparoscopy has many possibilities to help us live better lives. Maybe by so many people getting gastric bypass, new customs will arise and everybody will start watching what they eat. From robotic surgeries to having a personal ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility) at your service, robots will be the final key to the path to help us better live our lives, or maybe the destruction of civilization as we know it. With

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