Technology Usage to Improve Learning

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Technolo Joelle Adams, Bath Spa University STLHE, Toronto June 2010 Using technology to improve learning, teaching, and research in my professional practice Introduction Question, Aim, and Rationale As new technology is increasingly used in learning and teaching in higher education[1], I want to find pedagogically relevant and responsible ways of harnessing the available tools to improve my own practice and help my students learn effectively. As such, in undertaking this enquiry, I aim to improve my awareness of available technologies and experiment with uses in various contexts in order to answer my research question: How can I use technology to improve learning, teaching, and research in my professional practice? I hope that the use of technology in my practice will help me to live some of my professional values, such as creativity and inclusion, and help me meet my goals of providing learning opportunities which respect the needs of individual learners and align teaching with scholarship. In addition, there are practical concerns such as my professional development and career goals to be considered, along with the expectations of students[2] and colleagues. As an educational developer, I think it is important for me to understand all of the available tools and to be able to advise both staff and students on the benefits and challenges to using those tools for learning, teaching, and research. Scope and Context This enquiry is primarily concerned with Web 2.0 technology, focusing on the usefulness of RSS feeds, Twitter, Skype, Google Docs, and blogs. In addition to coordinating a learning development centre at a small, teaching-led university, I teach modules on the Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCert) at a private UK higher education institution that provides courses in professional
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