Technology Today Consist of Several Operation Essay

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Technology of today consists of several operation systems, in return make the decision of choosing one quite difficult. Therefore, understanding the systems performance abilities can make the conclusion much easier. “The biggest players in the operating system’s market are Unix/Linux, Mac and Windows with Windows holding the largest share (Boiter & Bratucu, 2011). Each of these operating systems are equivalent in their capabilities of multiprogramming, however comparing and contrasting how memory management is handle individually is of great importance. Memory Management When talking about memory management, it is important to first understand what it is. Memory management pertains to a mixture of methods used for storing programs and data, monitoring and the retrieval of memory space when they are no longer relevant. There are different feature available for every computer and when a person thinks about computers he are she may think the memory management will be the same, however there is a difference between each one. A system running Linux/Unix will contain both physical and virtual memory. Linux memory management has two components. Component number one deals with allocating and freeing physical memory. The second component handles virtual memory mapped into address spaces of currently running processes (Gagne, Galvin and Silberschatz, 2009). Linux/UNIX divides virtual and physical memory into sets of data. Each set of data is the same size regardless of the amount of data within it. The memory management subsystem allows active processes running on the system a share of the physical memory. The Linux virtual memory system is responsible for maintaining the address space visible to each process. The system creates pages of virtual memory on-demand and the virtual memory system manages loading those pages from disk and

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