Technology, Then and Now

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Technology, Then and Now The first internal combustion engine was developed in the early 1800's, which is still today the primary power source of the majority of cars. Automobiles have evolved from simple mechanics, old technology and mechanisms, to new high and efficient technology with precise sensing equipment. Technology is not always better. In this case it takes the simplicity on older engines from them. On the other hand, it is helpful for diagnostics and pin pointing problems. Otherwise, it would have been difficult or time consuming to solve. Much older engines do not have this feature and rely solely on experienced technicians or maintenance manuals for troubleshooting problems. The simple mechanics and mechanisms involved in older style engines allows experienced maintainers to more rapidly find a problem, repair it, check for correct operation, and possibly make minimal adjustments and put it back into circulation. It is also easy for home garage mechanics to get their feet wet with simple engine designs and to have a principle idea of how and what makes engines operate. This basic understanding will help in the future of how more complex engines function. Such as those with onboard computer systems providing a solid foundation of operation. The cost of most components on old engine designs are more affordable and improved from previous ones that might have had problems with design or quality. Even though this old technology is very reliable, there are draw backs with them. The most inefficient and problematic one is the consumption of fuel. Especially with high fuel prices that we pay for now. This old style fuel delivery system is not the best method. It was great for its time, not so much now. Since fuel flowing into the carburetor, which is delivered into the engine, has a set pressure spray injector and increases flow with

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