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Technology is Taking Over? Although there are many organizations that heavily promote and encourage staying active, there are many companies that are releasing many new products. Products that are eye candy to most people. These tend to keep a large percentage of both kids and even adults very inactive. This may become very critical to our health in the long run. Technology such as video games and other advances in television may seem appealing to many people, but are they completely necessary? The numbers for the amount of obesity in this country is higher than it’s ever been. Can technology be to blame for this? An author named Ray Bradbury does a great job telling us his opinion on technology in the short story, The Pedestrian. This is an interesting story in which he gives us a message that is well brought out by his usage of imagery. Bradbury’s usage of imagery helps us see how technology is taking over the human population, in a sense. With Bradbury’s use of imagery you can almost feel like you are his main character, Leonard Mead. While Leonard was walking through his city he would stop and have a brief flashback of when times we better. Times when there were still people outside. “He stumbled over a particularly uneven section of sidewalk. The cement was vanishing under flowers and grass. In ten years of walking by night or day, for thousands of miles, he had never met another person walking, not one in all that time” (Bradbury 2) The idea behind this is, Leonard walked by that same spot everyday for tem years and he has not met one person. Not one person is outside being active and staying healthy. Everyone except Leonard has been dragged into the somewhat recent technology fad and is at home with their eyes glued to the television. Technology is not only taking over people’s home live but is also talking over work lives also. “In a city of

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