Technology Solutions For Human Services Essay

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Technology Solution for Human Services Technology offers many tools that can help human service agencies and human services professionals enhance service delivery. In the human service industry there are often barriers that impede service, accuracy and efficiency. Information technology can provide solutions that can help remove barriers that human service agencies and professionals face in the areas of planning, funding, and empowerment in case management, social work and other areas of human services. The benefits of implementing and using computers, web base software that is design and develop for the industry, which can process, store, convert, securely receive and transmit information can actually save money in the long run. Information technology for human services starts with establishing an IT infrastructure that will support the day to day activities that are vital in human services and to service delivery. Often human service agencies have limited funds and are unable to purchase vital technology that will enhance service delivery and remove barriers that can cause inefficiency. Funding is a barrier most often face in human services because there are limited funds to go around and the government has only x amount of dollars in the budget to allocate to the human service field period. Today’s case workers and human services workers are task with collecting large volumes of detail information about clients activities and findings, monitoring progress, accessing data for eligibility for supported programs and ensuring clients are getting services that they are entitle too. Typically case workers collected information via paper and pen during client’s visits. Although paper base data collection has remained a constant, information technology has advance in human service by providing aggregated and historical view of client’s data electronically in order

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