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Introduction I will be concentrating on how the technology has significantly changed the way people communicate. I have chosen this particular topic because I want to find out and know more about how technology have changed the way we communicate with one another socially. Also, personally, I am heavily influence by technology as I have to admit that I be lost without my mobile phone and social networking. Therefore, this is the reason why I am interested in this topic. The theories I will be relating are Society and Technology by Gerhard Lenski and Symbolic Interaction Approach. The article that I will be referring is Enabling digital inclusion as Singapore moves towards Smart Nation vision from Channel News Asia. Gerhard Lenski:…show more content…
In the past, hunting and gathering societies used elementary technology to hunt animals as at now, industrialism is the advanced technology where by tools and machinery become much complex and efficient. The growing of technology and electronic devices on communications, threatens to modify the way how people relate to one another. Symbolic Interaction Approach Symbolic Interaction Approach is to understand the relationship between society and humans. The main belief on symbolic interaction is human natural action and fundamental interaction are perceivable alone through the exchange of significant communication or symbols. In this approach, humans are presented as acting, fought to being acted and how human created and maintained the reality world that we trust to be true. The main rationales of symbolic interaction because human being act for things on the basis of the meanings that things receive for them. Therefore, these meanings develop out of social interaction and social action leads of a fitting together of individual lines of…show more content…
Nowadays, Singaporeans are getting so dependent on technology that they spend most of their time doing various things. Example, watching YouTube videos, playing online games. This causes society not interacting in a face to face manner with people. This result in losing the human element and personal interactions between people. Most of the time, when people walking on the streets, they will look at their mobile phone rather than the surroundings. Some families are more into technology rather than human interaction because they always use technology to interact with each other. Hence, in future, technology will grow continuously developing but society did not realize that they are degenerating in terms of physically or memory. Improved the Needs on Elderly Referring on the news article from Channel News Asia, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, mentioned that “a nation where people live meaningful and fulfilled lives, enabled seamlessly by technology". This sentence mean that Singaporeans live with an accomplishment in life with the changed of technology. Things are changing very fast, more than we are used to, in the future. As Singapore has a mobile penetration rate of 155 per cent and this proved on average, per citizen is holding more than one

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