Technology Simplifies Modern Life. Essay

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Technology simplifies modern life. When it comes to technology I would say that it definitely simplifies modern life, especially in our busy life styles of today. With technology at our fingertips we have managed to save money, time and it has even made life safer and easier. Technology has helped many individuals and is still helping people today from children to adults and even the elderly, for example: in the old days children had to go the library to be able to complete homework and assignment but now all they need is the internet and a computer or cell phone to get all information that is needed to complete a task. People living in other cities then where there work is, can work from home, a café, a hotel or even while they are on the road using the internet and complete their daily work task without physically being at the office. The elderly can now order groceries over the telephone, through the internet and even talk to family and friends without having to set a foot out of their homes. Another item that has made our life so much easier is calculators that were invented years ago to help people with calculations without having to use rocks or sticks to count. One thing that has saved time tremendously is the Gautrain in Gauteng which takes people to their work areas in 15 min depending on the distance bypassing traffic, saving petrol costs and an overall safe and easy trip to and from work. The use of petrol and the risk of being a crime victim can be minimized by doing online shopping. Children are safer because they can entertain themselves at home with television and gaming consoles instead of playing is the street putting them at risk for getting hit by a car or being abducted. Technology has already made such a huge difference in our lives for the way we communicates to the way do our shopping, I can’t wait to see what life would be like five

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