Technology Rules Our Lives

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Technology rules our lives. Take a moment to consider the ramifications of this statement and you will see just how ridiculous this idea is. Our esteemed colleagues of the affirmative team would have you believe that your toaster or your microwave make your decisions for you. The fact is that technology does not rule us, we rule the technology. The remote control on your television is proof of that. You tell the television when it can be on and how loud it can be. According to our definition, this means that technology does not, indeed cannot, rule our lives. When surveyed, 79% of people asked felt that technology did not rule their lives, but rather that it only helped to facilitate decisions that they themselves had made. It is often said that people in the modern world ‘couldn’t live’ without their iPod, cell phone or computer. Even if this is true, and that’s a very big if, this doesn’t mean that these items rule our lives. We also cannot live without food, but no-one believes that burgers rule our lives. It is a simple fact that even the most jaded technology user isn’t ‘ruled’ or controlled by the technology in their lives. Whilst it is true that many people take inspiration from music, it is the music itself and not the iPod or mp3 player that has this influence. The concept of technology ruling our life implies that the technology in our lives makes choices for us. The very idea that we re no longer in control of our own lives because we choose to use modern technology is preposterous. We have the choice of what to use and when to use it. We must also keep in mind that not everything we do involves technology. How many of you play, or have played, a sport? Have you ever been camping? These activities use little to no technology and can be very enjoyable for many people. It is therefore clear that technology does not and cannot rule our

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