Technology Project 2012 Essay

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Brief A. Design and make a revolving jewellery tree. The unit must include an integrated lighting system that switches on automatically in darkness. Key Words As I analyse my brief I look at the key words and what they are telling me to do, this is what I have found. * Revolving – something moving around a central point. My jewellery tree must be revolving. * Jewellery tree – A tree in which you can hang jewellery upon. * Integrated lighting system- A light circuit that is enclosed in the product, there are no loose wires outside the product. This is what my jewellery tree must be like. * Automatically – it turns on or does an action without being switched on or told to. The light on my product must turn on automatically. * Darkness – the light must turn on in darkness. Analysis of Chosen Task * Where will the product be used? The product could be used in a number of places for example, a girl’s bedroom or a jewellery shop. * Who will use the product or system? The product will be aimed at girls and/or women. It could also be used by a jewellery business owner. * Where will I get the resources from? I will get the resources from the technology room in school. I will also try to use recycled materials from the technology room. * When will I have time to make the product? I will have time to make the product during my double technology classes in school. * How can I ensure the product is safe? I can ensure the product is safe by using electrical insulators in the product, by using non-toxic materials so a child cannot poison his/herself and by having no sharp edges or loose material in the product. * Describe the appearance of the product. I could use bright colours as the target market for the product would be girls/women. I will make it nice and appealing to look at. I will use resistant
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