Technology Problems Essay

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Written Exercise 1 The incident that would have more of a negative impact on an organization would be an unethical act committed by a senior manager of that organization. Whether or not the hourly worker knew what they were doing was right or wrong, a senior manager would be held more accountable simply because of the position they hold within the organization. The business world, as well as the general public, would expect senior personnel within an organization to be held to a higher standard based solely on the position they hold. The hourly worker would be held accountable but not to the standard, or the extent, that the senior employee is simply because the general public would think they were just doing what they were told in order to, either get the job done, or to keep their job within the company. I personally do not totally agree with this because we are brought up knowing the difference between right and wrong. You, as an individual, know that stealing from your employer, taking money from someone for insider secrets, etc., is wrong and you should be held accountable, hourly employee or senior employee, there should be no distinction. Written Exercise 2 After visiting both the Symantec and McAfee websites the biggest problem I saw was that neither website, unless it was farther along in the process, asked for my credit card three digit security code from the back of my card. So if someone were to get my credit card number they could conceivably purchase either software or both without my card being verified. Another problem that was stated in the book was the automatic renewal process of anti-virus software by both companies. While this is actually a good practice, both companies failed to inform their customers with an e-mail as promised before their software

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