Technology and Photography Essay

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Technology and Digital Photography Ricardo Perez ENC1102 Professor A. P. Stone April 9, 2008 Ricky Perez Technology and Digital Photography ENC 1102 Tuesday and Thursday 7.00 AM April 10, 2008 Technology and Digital Photography After 86 years of loses the Red Sox performed a task that had been thought of as impossible, statistically speaking. During the 2004 World Series the underdog team was able to achieve their first taste of triumph in a very long time. Derek Lowe, the winning pitched, left no room for any more than just three hits in the last seven innings; ending the “Curse of the Bambino”. The next morning, a detailed photo of Lowe is posted on the front cover of the New York Times. Having these visual references to words read adds more than just statistics to the reader’s insight. Better yet, it gives them a feel of the situation, a more personalized look at that last pitch of the 2004 World Series of baseball. This is just one aspect in which digital cameras have helped revolutionize the media, even everyday life. American culture has become much more dynamic as new technology emerges time and time again. In retrospect we observe that photography has long been an essential approach meant for people to preserve important experiences in their life. Over the past few decades there has been a drastic change from film to digital formats. Just before the ‘70’s, everyone in the country watched images through the unconventional use of slide projectors, after that came color negatives and than the Internet. Along with the 21st century there was e-mail and a remarkable boom in the digital media industry. However, it was almost forty years back from today that NASA started using digital signals, instead of analog images, to better depict the façade of the moon on Earth.
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