Technology Milestones Essay

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University of Phoenix Material Information Technology Milestones Worksheet Complete the chart below. Include a minimum of 10 information technology milestones or events that impacted human services or the world are acceptable. Grading is based on the full completion of the year, milestone/event, and a description of how it has impacted human services/world. |Year |Milestone or Event |Impact on Human Services/world | |SAMPLE |SAMPLE |SAMPLE | |1996 |Amber Alerts |Provides an online integrated national database for missing children | | | |Initiates a widespread alert when a child goes missing | |1970 |Decision Support System |Collaborates all organizations and human services | | | |Helped to ensure timely sulotions for problems | |1972 |Electronic Medical Record |Hold patient information and treatment | | |System |Allows easier access to patient treatments and medical records | | | |Eliminates medical errors | |1981 |Computer/PC |The first PC computer was released. | | | |This began the process of software, filing, and acess to futher knowledge in the | | |
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