Technology, Media, and the People: One World Essay

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Nowadays technology is involved in everyone’s lives. People recur to technology for many reasons. Whether they are looking for news or just gossip, people turn on their computers first thing in the morning or check their cell phones for updates. You can find whatever you want in the social media and search engines, from anti-government facebook pages to how to perfect boil your egg. Social media influences every aspect of our humanity. Media increases our knowledge and the way we process things. Technology makes people smarter. Science and technology go hand to hand. Scientists are not getting stuck, they are discovering new things. New inventions are exploding every day, you wake up and a new discovery is out, a new cure, all because of the relationship between technology and scientists. Scientist relay on technology to investigate and do researches to do mayor discoveries and help the world. Thanks to this partnership the world has been witness of people discovering things; things that people thought it would take many years more to discover. Although scientist use technology to discover and invent new things they use it also as a device, [t]hese days scientists are never far from their email, rarely touch paper and cannot lecture without PowerPoint. If electronic media were hazardous to intelligence, the quality of intelligence would be plummeting. Yet discoveries are multiplying like fruit flies, and progress is dizzying. (Pinker 385) Scientists use their computers and Microsoft PowerPoint to make their presentations and show their latest research or discoveries using the projectors. Scientists want the latest on technology. They do not want a low speed processor lap top that would be slowing down their presentation and making it look unprofessional. Most of them have the latest smart phones on the market to be in constant contact with their

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