Technology Is It Good or Bad?

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Technology is it Good or Bad? Luis Valadez EN 3220 Writing Analysis 11/25/2012 Abstract Technology is it good or bad? Most think technology is heading in the wrong direction or that it is too hard to understand. I say technology is doing great if anything I think were not advancing fast enough but that’s a different topic. Technology makes our everyday life possible and a lot easier we can access the web on the go, medical advances let us heal people faster, new undisclosed technology lets us see in too outer space and explore. Technology is it Good or Bad? One way I see cell phones as great technology is that new phones keep upgrading every few months. People say they are dangerous because they emit radiation, or because they are a distraction to our youth because of the texting and driving. Also some parents say that they ant always control the content their kids access on the mobile phones. But then you see the same people always getting the best and new phones. Cell phones are great for the business workers and the everyday people also. Cell phones let the common person check their bank accounts, email someone, use their global positioning system to get directions to where they are going. This all comes in handy especially when they don’t have a computer at home. The business people also love their personal and company cell phones if issued one. Simply because they can access their companies network and send or download presentations, meeting schedules, contact numbers, and a whole other variety of stuff. They can also use them when traveling internationally. Another way technology is good and not dangerous is the way it has came a long in the medical field. The medical advances have been amazing. We now have laser eye correction that can give you back your eyesight and not ever have to wear glasses or contacts again. Look at the medical

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