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Technology Is a Necessary but Not Always a Positive Force in Modern Life Essay

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Below is an essay on "Technology Is a Necessary but Not Always a Positive Force in Modern Life" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Technology is a necessary but not always a positive force in modern life

In this era of modernisation accompanied with plethora of gadgets, computers and laptops. Are these Homo-Sapiens confused while solving the conundrum -'Technology is originated by them or they are originated by technology ".Clearly, from Adam's intense desire to explore and to the modern man's cognitive ability has been a driving force for   advancement of technology .However ,today this technology has not only distant us from nature but also has made us a lover of solitude.
Many feel that this technology is for betterment and comfort of human-beings. In fact, technology has definitely sapped their work, increased manifolds it communicating speed from one place to other to full fill its unending desire to explore . However ,It has made them as under with nature-its creator .To exemplify this , it is very common to see them go to gym to build their physical health ,beset with the air conditioner’s   artificial air. But none or very few are seen having a walk accompanied with the fresh air provided by the mother nature .Humans have set their own laws for their living in accordance with technological development but have left breach of nature's law unnoticed.
Some strongly urge that it has become more convenient to be in touch with near and dear ones through the emergence of e-mails, Facebook, mobile phones. It has made everyone a message away. Whereas, on the flip side, Humans have emerged as a lover of solitude. Humans have been considered to be gregarious animals but now they prefer to stay in an alcove and be in touch with the world through striking some keys. The very bond   between kids and parents has become tenuous. In a modern day house, every member has a laptop, mobile and other gadgets. If kids are busy with video games then parents are with their laptop. They have forgotten to spend quality time together in which they can cherish each others thoughts. These solitude tech-freaks...

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