Technology in the Illustrated Man

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Professor Beth Rogers Composition II February 8, 2013 Technology in "The Illustrated man" The Illustrated Man is a collection of short stories ranging from lives in outer space to families living on Earth. All the stories tell of event in the future, but they are all different. Ray Bradbury’s unique stories all have an underlying theme of technology and the psychology of people. Bradbury predicts technology is good as well as bad. However, the writer mostly depicts technology as destructive because people are dependent on it and take it for granted. But in some stories Bradbury shows good sides of technology. In "The Long Rain" writes about how people can find relief in technology from an unforgiving natural force; in "The Fox and the Forest" people are looking for way out of difficult situations in technology. In short story "The Long Rain" a group of astronauts are stranded on Venus, where it rains continually and heavily. In really horrible conditions on Venus the travelers are trying to make their way across the Venusian landscape to find a "sun dome", a shelter with a large artificial light source. However, the first sun dome they find has been destroyed by the native Venusians. Searching for another sun dome, the characters, one by one, are driven to madness and suicide by the unrelenting rhythm of the rain. At the end of the story, only one sane astronaut remains and manages to find a functional sun dome. Technology in this story is the Sun Dome, which is warm, peaceful domes located in various places around Venus convenient to offer refuge from the incessant rain and that produces insanity. They have a sun like lamp, warmth, baths, books, food, and everything you'd want after you came in out of the cold rain. How bad conditions on Venus can best be seen in the fact that people have managed to survive the attack monsters by one mile wide, as

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