Technology in Society Essay

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1. Technology is change. Specifically, it is the way that humans change the resources of the world to suit their requirements. People tend to think of technology as the physical objects that are the applied result of advances in science, but it also includes less concrete things like the processes themselves that create these objects. (National Academy of Engineering) However, the advancement of technology is itself a process; as such, even the characteristics of technology itself have changed to meet human desire. Historians have defined past eras of human civilization by the natural resource they had altered to fashion tools, giving us the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Copper Age, and then the Iron Age. (Ohio Journal of Science, 2011) The next age was the Industrial Age. This age was marked not by the manipulation of a natural resource, but by the manipulation of human resources. The Industrial Age was not about making a better sword, but more of them, in less time. Thus, processes like interchangeable parts, the assembly line, and automation, which improved the conversion human labor into manufactured goods, were developed. The Industrial Age changed the world from a mostly rural society to a mostly urban one, concentrating people near centers of production. It became more about the process of creating objects of technology, than the object itself. (Ohio Journal of Science, 2011) Another change came in the present age, the Information Age. Now, the resource that people alter is not a material, or process; but the knowledge of those materials and processes itself. The current defining technology is how people manipulate data to fill their needs; just as in the past, it was how people modified metals to fill a need. Technology is always used to change things, it is just what is being changed that differs. 2. Humans shape technology, and in turn, technology

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