Technology in Schools Essay

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Technology plays a key role in today’s classrooms, homes, businesses and anything we can think of. Many people are still getting used to the new enhancement, but being knowledgeable in this field will help them in today’s complex, highly technological society. Specifically, there are many advantages of integrating technology in the classroom. Almost every teacher can have problems trying to motivate their students and engaging them in activities that will benefit their learning. Technology can certainly help with this issue by engaging the students and creating a more exciting learning environment. One popular classroom object is the well-known computer. Computers can benefit not only the student, but also his or parents or relatives, and also the teacher. Computers allow students to learn through exploring the internet and by completing research using online journals or websites. Researching online can save a student time and they can look up for more information in a shorter period of time than they would be able to if they were reading a textbook or encyclopedia. The internet is not the only useful resource on the computer. The well-known Microsoft products have become very popular in today’s classroom. Students who may not like writing can type their paper on Microsoft Word. There are also many other more complex Microsoft programs including Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel. Students can create their own PowerPoint presentation including text, graphics, animations, and much more to teach a concept or lesson. Viewing a PowerPoint is a lot more exciting to watch than a simple poster or lecture. It brings attention to each important point and the graphics keep the students on task and listening. With Microsoft Excel, students can enter data and create graphs to look for patterns in data sets. They can also create equations needed for math problems. This
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