Technology in Schools

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Technology is a strong importance in our everyday live and in society, but it brings a strong division between poor and wealthy, smart and illiterate, active and passive citizens. Technology in education is a great resource to have for students’ education because it helps expand their horizon in learning, keeps them modern and up to date in the world around them, and helps them develop social skills and build connections needed to stay active and involved in society. Technology in education definitely helps and benefits students’ education, but can also hurt them if not used properly. Research has shown that students tend to learn better online than face to face with a teacher, but even better when they have online access as well as face-to-face with a teacher.(Project RED, 2010) The real issue is that some schools/ district restrict students from using technology in school to support their education. It is stated that schools have difficulty keeping up with new technology so they are either behind and have a hard time catching up or they just do not update their technology restricting students from necessary resources. (Education Weekly, 2011) Some forms of learning that students found benefitting them at home as well as in school involving technology is online learning. Some surveys and research has been done that proves that online learning or blending learning elaborates students’ learning and develops their skill. Along with e-learning falls a category called social networking which has increasingly caught the attention of a lot of school board officials. Schools/ districts are trying to figure out what social media sites are appropriate for student and how will they benefit their education in school. Some schools are beginning to use some mainstream sites to stay involved with students’ like Facebook. Facebook in schools are mostly used to keep in touch

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