Technology in Life Today Essay

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Technology My faith influences my issue, which is that many people are addicted to their phones and different types of technological things. It influences it because many people could become so addicted that they could forget to pray or meditate. Teenagers use so much time on their phones either texting, playing games, and more. It affects them in various ways, for example, less praying, unable to focus in their studies, and their religious education. We could solve this by starting small and informing people what could happen if you don’t make a change. My proposal is going to talk about motivation, the general summary, and the conclusion. This is a social issue and the history of this problem is that many people can’t even live a day without technology. I agree that it makes life easier but it could also destroy you. This is an interesting problem because I too am affected as well and by realizing this is a big issue helps me acknowledge the problem. This problem occurs in our everyday life and it is very arduous to solve. We can improve the way we use technology by not depending on it too often or at least spend more time going outside, praying, and using time effectively and managing your time. This project will achieve us having a better and healthier life. Without constantly using out phones, our bodies in general would have better living conditions because if your phone is always with you, the radioactive waves could damage your brains. This issue happens to everyone and happens everywhere you go. I could help solve this issue by informing people. I am not against using technology because I am addicted as well but we could try spending less time. I could go to my neighbors or school and maybe give out flyers on what you are doing to yourself by using too much time. By informing people, I would need to use technology like my laptop to send
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