Technology in Hr - Past, Present and Future

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Abstract Technology has recently become the backbone of our society, we use it daily to complete tasks; especially within the workforce. We may not realize how much we actually rely on it; but imagine for a moment that all systems are down at your job. You cannot email, use certain software programs, make or receive phone calls or use the internet. If this happened, your company would either send you home or you would sit around waiting for systems to come back up. Thirty years ago this was not an option, besides basic telephones; there was no email, online software programs, or internet. In this paper you will see the major differences in how Human Resource departments are ran today as opposed to 20-30 years ago when the internet was non-existent, as well as what is expected in the future as technology continues to advance. Human Resources have always been an important part of any organization. The HR department maintains and manages every aspect of the business as it relates to employees and working conditions. HR duties differ from one company to another but usually entail the following tasks; Administrative support/Compensation and Benefits: Basic administrative duties form the backbone of human resources functions. Every detail about an employee, such as pay scale, special accommodations, disciplinary actions and job descriptions are constantly tracked in hard copy and electronic files. The tasks are primarily performed by entry-level HR professionals, who are HR assistants or HR clerks. These individuals retrieve, update and organize files. They also handle phone calls and monitor the front desk, passing messages to and from clients and employees inside and outside the company. In some cases, assistants also handle payroll -- provided they have some background in payroll or accounting. This would entail analyzing and modifying compensation

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