Technology in Education

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Technology in Today’s Education Do you remember what it was like when we had black boards in our schools? The smell and sound of the chalk scraping the surface was what we thought would always be the classroom image. Well we were wrong; technology has become an essential part of today’s educational society. As the years have evolved, so has the amount of technology that we use in the classrooms today. What used to be blackboards and chalk has nearly vanished from all classrooms with the replacement of Promethean boards and computers. These tools are essential because we are teaching children for the future with the way that we teach them they are adjusting for the future. Is technology the answer to our educational problems? I believe that this is the answer that many have sought out to find for many years. Technology is the way that we should teach our children because given the fact that we have adopted it to our lifestyles they should know how to use it in theirs also. And the fact of the matter is that the more technologically advanced that we get the more that they will have to compete. The way that we do things now will be outdated in ten years and the children should know how to adapt to it when it does change. We have spent billions of dollars on using educational technology in our school classroom and we have a lot of positive results to show for it. The reality is that technology has improved communications and it has also improved student access to information. The down side to all of this is that we are really not teaching the students on how to use technology to make a living in such a competitive world. nother disadvantage of using technology to teach children is the fact that it has raised cost for schools tremendously. From my personal standpoint I believe that there are many good reasons and many different ways that technology going to help out in
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