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Technology Implementaion Essay

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Resource Plan Assessment Two:
New Oceanic Server:
Riot games is a massive online gaming company with a huge player base and are constantly growing but have recently hit a peak and are now going backwards the main reason is because of internet latency complaints from Oceanic players and as Marketing Manager I am proposing the need for   a new Oceanic server and this is my plan:

Proposal Table:
What is required?: A new server to provide better service for Oceanic players. | Why is it required?: Losing approx. 30% of current Oceanic players and need to constantly improve as a company. |
How Much will it cost?: The cost of buying the server in Australia will be $25millon and the offices will be $50million initial the ongoing costs and maintenance   $5million | Who will support it?: All current shareholders Oceanic players and new staff hired for that specific role and the organization involved in the setup of the server. |
What are the options?: Funding all CAPEX purchases which includes hardware and office equipment will be sought from reputable lending organization. The capital will come from increased membership and advertisements. | What Evidence do you have to support the proposal?: Competitors and increased their sales by doing the same and we need to make sure we continue our market pressure overseas and forum posts from players supporting the server. |
What Benefits will it have to customer needs?: More enjoyment and increased playing from Oceanic players and recommending it friends therefore increasing customer base. | What will the impact be if the CAPEX not be approved?: 30% of customer base will grow to the point where customers will migrate to our competitors and a visible loss to the company will be created. |

Data to support the change:

Showing the recent decline of players in Australia it is clear to me as Oceanic marketing manager that we need to change the way we focus not only on America and England that we need to advance our...

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