Technology Impact On Australia

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Discuss the impact of changing technology on post-war Australia The impact of changing technology on post-war Australia can be seen through home appliances, housing, transport, and entertainment. Home appliances --- After the World War 2, the household products was made more affordable and attractive and are automatic and smaller, that makes people used more easily and more people could buy it and use them in everyday life, instead of like before the household product was big and expensive. An example of this was in 1947, the first microwave was built, it was 1.6 meters tall and weighed 340 kilograms, and it also cost about $120000. Housing----- After 1945, Australia has more babies has been born, the population has been increased.…show more content…
The aircrafts were powered by propellers and their cabins were un-pressurised. Due to this, plane trips were bumpy and nosiy, and the aircraft could not fly very high. In the late 1950s, QANTAS purchased a new Boeing 707 jet-powered aircraft that could fly faster and carry more passengers. In 1970, international air terminals were built in Sydney and Melbourne to cater to this new trend. Entertainment----The impact of change on entertainment on post-war Australia was significant on both Australia radio broadcasting and its movie industry as these were the most popular forms of entertainment. The movies were born in 1895 when two Frenchmen, the Lumiere brothers, demonstrated their new invention, the cinematograph, in Paris. Although movies were French inventions, but Australians were quick to take on this new form of entertainment, more films were made in Australia than anywhere else in the world between 1906 -1911. The first Australian radio broadcast was on 23 November 1923 when a Miss Deering sang on the Sydney station 2SB. The years between the 1930's and 1950's were known as the "Golden Years" of radio. In the golden years of radio people were listening to radio programs such as soap opera, serious drama and comedy all on the
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