Technology Impact Essay

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Running head: TECHNOLOGY IMPACT Technology Impact Paul Weber University of Phoenix Garret Yoshimura September 10, 2009 This paper will examine the company Motorola and how this company has introduced its product line of technology into the consumer market. This paper will also discuss how new technology has a proven value to the company and customers, and customer service available to existing and potential customers. Last, this paper will discuss Motorola partnerships with other companies and how this partnership has enhanced the customer experience. Motorola has done a masterful job in introducing new technology into the consumer market through using highly effective advertising techniques in conjunction with technology people need, want or desire. Casey Keller, Motorola’s chief marketing officer made the following statement "We're not just about form factors, colors, designs," he said. "We are moving toward what we would call 'experiences' — how are people behaving with our products, what do we expect our products to do for them? What experiences are we delivering to them" (Cuneo, 2007). Motorola capitalized on consumer needs and desires, through the use of television, radio and the internet, Motorola exposed customers to the product line. Products such as mobile phones and hand held computers, commonly referred to as palm data assistants (PDA). Motorola spends millions per year on advertisements in order to convey messages of technology, convenience and how these can be productive tools for everyday activities. Using the internet is perhaps the biggest tool Motorola uses to reach customers. Technological benefits may include Motorola uses techniques such as spam mail which reaches millions of people instantly, but Motorola also uses banner ads on popular search engines such as Yahoo, Google and Jeeves. Motorola also spends millions of

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