Technology Helps Us Connect by Removing Barriers Essay

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Every day there will be people on their phone for an immense part of the day. Most would call these people unsocial, closed off from the outside world. But in reality these people are far from closed off, they’re not talking to robots they’re talking to friends and family. If anything these people are more connected than the ones that aren’t communicating via texting or social media. Technology helps us connect because it removes some barriers that exist between people offline. To begin with, the first barrier that disappears is physical distance. When communicating online you are not face-to-face to anyone, which may facilitate people’s lives. According to Robert Kraut, a researcher in this field of study says that new technology makes existing relationships stronger (Fischer). Surveys have shown that most families believe social media has improved their family life since family members can stay in touch and communicate more frequently (Tufekci). Moreover, the ones that benefit the most in this situation are old people that simply cannot reach all the ones in their family. They are incapable of travelling and are physically limited. Many have benefited from the Internet to keep in touch with people that without social media, they could not. In addition, The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project took a survey and found out that the average age of adult social media users has shifted from 33 in 2008 to 38 in 2010(Hampton). This proves that social media is being used more and more by older people nowadays. Also, without this barrier people can revive old relationships. People can get in contact with old friends from high school and others from their past. Furthermore, by removing this physical distance between people, it creates new relationships. Individuals can find “like-minded” (Tufekci) people with common interests, and current lives.

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