Technology Ethics in the Classroom Essay

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Running Head: TECHNOLOGY ETHICS IN THE CLASSROOM Technology Ethics in the Classroom Rodney Mooney Grand Canyon University: EDU 225 Educational Technology The advancements of technology in the classroom call for both teachers and students to have a good understanding of the positives and negatives that come with technology in classrooms. Through technology, students can learn how to utilize computers and the internet in a productive and proper fashion. With nearly every home and classroom being equipped with computers, it is crucial that both parents and teachers have an understanding for technology and take the time to monitor children when they use this technology. Computer and Internet technology is very helpful and can be very educational if used properly, but they can also become a negative impact on individuals that misuse these helpful tools. Technology is a new tool in education that consistently changes and offers new opportunities for teacher and learning (Akcay 2008). Teaching technology ethics in the classroom will prevent students from getting in trouble inside and outside the classroom. As a teacher, it will be very important to teach students about the safe and unsafe ways of internet use. Teaching students about internet security will be vital at the beginning of a school year, so the student will have an understanding of the teacher's expectations of internet use. The first measure to take with students will be to have them and their parents to sign an internet user agreement that will apply throughout the entire school. This agreement needs to be approved by the school district before sending home with students. Most schools have an open house night designated for parents to meet teachers and administrators; this would be a great opportunity for the internet agreement letter to be reiterated to parents so parents will understand the

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