Technology Changing Our Life

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“How has technology changed our life / work in the last 10 years? Give some examples and express your opinions” In the last two decades technology has been changing deeply our society. Our habits, attitudes and our management of time are completely different from what they were 20 years ago. I think there has been a real revolution, which has broken the old system and social schemes such as the Industrial Revolution which changed the production system in the eighteenth century or the Cultural Revolution which shook the coscience of society in the sixties. This Revolution has created many advantages in our workplaces and in our daily lives, but also some disadvantages. In many workplaces technology has improved the personnel capabilities ant it has increased efficiency, reducing the time of employment. For example now a small and very cheap computer can perform a job more accurated and in a shorter time than 20 years ago, when the some job needed dozens of people to be performed. Technology has also improved our quality of life very much, and it has allowed us to live much better than 20 years ago. Before there were only very useful electronic devices such as refrigerators, the television and the radio, now new technology has improved our standard of life and its quality. In fact, in the Western countries where electronic devices are widespread, everybody has a mobile phone, which enables him to call everyone, everywhere, in anytime for emergency, for business or for pleasure. Moreover a lot of people have a navigation system in their own car that permits them to arrive at the desired place quickly and safely. Most people have a digital camera which can catch every exciting moments of their life and they can record all the data on a very little part of a personal computer memory and so on for other electronic devices, like the internet, satellite television,
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