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Cell phones have become a major problem in the lives of college students. Currently, college students have become entranced with a new form of technology; cellular phones. The cell phone has revolutionized communication, enabling us to converse with one another like never before. Virtually everyone in our society has some form of cellular devise and the ever expanding mobile network has allowed new areas to join the “wireless era.” Despite all the wondrous things cell phones can do, have college students become addicted to this sophisticated piece of plastic? As the digital age rolled in, new problems emerged in society and everyday life. A new phenomenon going around is that college students have become addicted to their cell phones. How alcoholics need a drink is similar to how cell phones addicts need to have their phone close by at all times. Virtually every moment of a college students’ life is spent typing a text message or checking for new voicemails. For college students, cell phones are part of their daily lives. Unfortunately, cell phones have become a nuisance and a new challenge for college students to overcome. As Sabrina Gibbons exemplifies in her article about how cell phones affect students, “Teachers worry about the distractions of cell phones ringing in class or students texting rather than paying attention. Cheating also ranked as a concern” (Gibbons).Especially for students, the temptation to get a quick text off in the middle of a lecture is extremely enticing. However, the distraction cell phones bring to college students affects their education and ability to concentrate on the material at hand. So why have college students become so addicted to cell phones in the span of a decade? The idea that a person can communicate with virtually anyone in a few seconds is mind-boggling to conceive. Yet, this is not science fiction anymore, and society

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