Technology Cannot Be Alone Attributed For Loneliness

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Ever since the invention of telephone, different means of transport and internet, the world has become a smaller place to live in. The technological progress in the fields of Telecommunication, Transportation and Information Technology has brought people closer and helped to bridge communication gaps, thereby alleviating the problem of loneliness. Today, in no time, a person working in United States can speak to his kith and kin on other side of the globe if he or she is feeling lonely and homesick. At the click of a button, he can see his dearest ones on webcam by using the internet. The network is so wide and well covered that even a sailor, who is in the middle of the ocean can hear the voice of people he yearns for. Such technological revolution has reached all classes of people, catering to their budget and requirements. A daily labourer even stays connected the entire day on a mobile phone which is within his affordable range. Gone are those days when a person leaving his home for work overseas was unheard of for days. Another major advancement is the television and entertainment network. A person alone at home can get company in the virtual world. There are so many avenues to be explored for mood elation and overcoming loneliness if one wants to. The problem of loneliness cannot be directly related to the technological advancements and the uses they have been put to. We cannot deny the fact that today every one of us is a part of the rat race. The repercussions of ambition, cut-throat competition and stress at work has resulted in a state of mental agony and loneliness, where all members of the family are busy for some reason or the other and have no time for each other. This has been a common phenomenon amongst children of working parents. The reason is that society has changed very rapidly in the past two or three hundred years. Many of

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